When Duncan MacLean, President, MacLean-Fogg, took the lead at MacLean Power, one of his first requests was to “Go-See” how a Power Utility Lineman works with MPS products. So when a Lineman, Trainer and Safety Manager at a diversified energy company heard that the top of MPS wanted to experience what it’s like to be a Lineman, he sent Duncan to the top of a pole—literally. After Duncan was outfitted in complete lineman gear, including vest, helmet, rubber sleeves and gloves, Duncan was placed in a bucket truck, taught how to use the controls and was sent up to the top of the pole.

The experience was invaluable to Duncan. He experienced first-hand how difficult it is to work with products while wearing protective gloves. Linemen wear rubber gloves to protect themselves against electrocution while working on live wires. Of course, the team offered suggestions on how MPS can make and package products to make them easier for Linemen to work with them.

In addition to the experience at the top of the pole, Duncan spent a half day at an energy company’s training center in Trenton, NJ.  He watched a demonstration on how dangerous it is to install MPS products like arresters and cutouts. Plenty of suggestions were offered on how MPS can make products safer for lineman during installation.

During an August 2015 MFCS leadership conference in Chicago, emphasis was placed on “Go-See” activities. Whether it be walking in a customer’s shoes for a day or walking out to the plant to work with an operator, the “Go-See” concept is an important improvement technique for all MPS employees.

Duncan MacLean