The Newberry plant employees are on their way along the Lean journey. They were initially challenged with material organization coming off cross arm pultrusion machines. The area was congested with new production.

Material was being brought inside from inventory storage and finished goods were awaiting final inspection. It was difficult to visually understand the status of all material in the area and why it was there.

After attending Lean Basic classes and learning about 5S, several team members met with operators, quality technicians, and their material review board (MRB) to determine a better layout. They came to an agreement on a layout and visual management tools, cleared the floor of material, taped off lines, and deployed visual solutions.

After three weeks of production, there was a dramatic improvement regarding organization and being able to find and move material more easily. They are now working to sustain improvements with the help of three production shifts and their MRB.

 Production pallet positions

Floor Markings

Designated floor space by material type